Bowdon party and relaxation zone

A moody, dual function basement leisure suite. A getaway chill out come relaxation zone, as well as an uptempo party space for this young Bowdon., Manchester home owner who likes the space of an open plan area, but requires flexibility to compartmentalize zones: some for occasional all out entertaining, but mostly for daily entertainment and relaxation.   Design brief Conversion of an existing large open-plan basement to form a flexible and contemporary entertainment space along with the conversion of an existing cinema and gym to be redesigned and incorporated together with the creation of new spaces for games areas and a ‘bar with impact’ for occasional use. Had to be glamorous and ambient enough to impress for party guests of the highest caliber, but remain usable for everyday relaxation and enjoyment. To contrast the mood of the every day classic-contemporary design in the above house levels.   Description of the project The Design Practice by UBER reveled in this challenge dramatically revising the layout, design and texture of a stark, infrequently used space converting it to the life enhancing heart of the house and entertainment suite which it is today. In part due to restriction, natural light was kept to a deliberate minimal level to contrast with the main house above and setting the tones with a masculine dark ambience throughout is the black stained wooden flooring uniting all areas and layering luxuriously textured dark wall coverings.   We partitioned the gym from the entertaining areas with a smoked glass wall and door helping section off the functionality yet allowing the space to visually be encompassed. The beauty is that the space retains an almost open plan feel to the entire area, or the flexibility to reincorporate areas when required. As the area holds a variety of daily use areas we wanted to allow the bar’s less frequent use to be remain centre of attention yet kick up a gear when required. Using bespoke oversized sliding mirrored doors, we devised a way of hiding the workings of the bar when not in use. This allowed bottle display cabinets at the sides to remain in view permanently hinting at the area’s purpose with a misty purple backdrop.   All of the dark wood cabinetry was bespoke and the dramatic oversized doors partitioning areas like the cinema proved a significant challenge. The team needed to seamlessly integrate the simple clean lines, yet significant revision to the of the ceiling support structure was required to enable the weighty sliding doors to remain integral without exposing the significant workings required. The finished effect almost looks like a wall of sleek wood paneling would it not be for the discrete handle concealed in a thin horizontal strip of mirror.   The cinema room itself is built for comfortable viewing with a dark silky crushed velvet Swan Italia modular sofa taking centre stage along with hand designed ‘head rest’ bean bags in the same material. Complemented by the masculine fake ostrich skin black wallpaper and brought back with some mirrored finish accessories and Cattelan Italia coffee table.     Favourite/Key aspects of the project There was a requirement to incorporate 4 sports shirts as a display wall backing the games room. We devised bespoke cabinetry of 4 individual display boxes made from 50% bitter chocolate stained timber frames, mounted on to a smoked grey, beveled mirror panels and flanked by full length mirrors with mounted wall lights which lend a priceless feel to the cherished contents within.   The versatility of the huge wooden sliding doors makes it feel as if walls are being moved, turning it from open plan to sectional rooms in an instant. The semi-concealed bar ads that reserved level of excitement to give it a fresh boost when time is called for grand entertaining. And there’s no avoiding the draw of nature’s hypnotic beauty which is personified in the long amethyst bar top with deep purple crystals mesmerizing you with under-lighting and complimented by 3 crystal and tassel pendant drop lights above.       Why does the design work so well Black stained oak floor brings it all together setting the mood, but the flexibility in being able to shut off spaces like the bar and cinema keeps the interest in being able to use the space everyday for gym, games, cinema, yet have a fresh aspect opening up the bar for days when maximum glamorous entertainment counts!   Final thoughts/any other information There’s a lot of structural reengineering work behind the scenes to make elements appear clean and simple. The mood allows the individual design elements such as the intoxicating amethyst bar to leap out for appreciation. It incorporates a lot of elements into one flowing floor space and layers of complimenting textures from high gloss with smoky glass, mirror and amethyst, to soft voiles and silky velvets, wood and reed wallpaper. Rather crucially the client believes we have managed to surpass his expectations and his brief, delivering one very satisfied customer whether he’s partying or relaxing.