Classical new-build – Weybridge, Surrey

Client Brief The client's brief was simple - to take a 2,000 ft2 semi detached property which sat awkwardly on its plot in one of the most sought after locations in this private St. George's area of Weybridge, Surrey and to design a property which ultimately maximised the value of the plot. We spent time with local estate agents researching the key features required to achieve this and then set to work to create a property which would sit centrally on its plot, maximising the views of the Weybridge Golf Course to the rear and designing a house that was as individual as it is elegant. The net result is a property of circa 20,000ft2 with an end value in the region of £16+m.  Budget Initially the build budget was not the primary concern, it was about maximising a return on investment and the land value. Uber's designs and subsequent planning gain for the plot ensured that the owner could obtain funding through our enhanced end valuations and had a profit margin well beyond his initial expectations for the plot. Uber has also worked hard to ensure best commercial gain through careful consideration for the design and specification of the fit out. Period of Property Although this is a new build property, there are clear influences from Regency properties as well as French architecture. Structural difficulties to overcome One of the most critical design features for us was to keep the garaging and services facilities out of sight from the main house. Uber, along with the structural engineers and landscape architects, put a great deal of effort into creating a sweeping driveway that passed through the landscape to a large under ground garage that could take many catering vehicles whilst having absolutely no visual impact on the house itself. Favourite/ key aspect of the project The cathedral-like scale of the property when you walk through the front door is jaw dropping and filled with light from the domed roof lantern, as a first impression it is simply incredible. The eye is drawn in every direction, not least through the hall and out beyond the dining room to the beautiful views of the golf course. Why do you think the scheme works so well The property has been considered from every single aspect and the internal flow of the rooms is what sets this property apart. There are curved walls, niches and many other key features that punctuate corridors, lead you around corners, draw you into rooms and allow you to enjoy spaces in a way that many other properties miss. It has been considered from a families perspective, with perfect form and function for life with children but also with an area that offers a complete change of pace and is ready for the ultimate adult party. Final thoughts It's been such a privilege to work from scratch on a property with such a welcoming client who trusts in our abilities and will undoubtedly reap the financial rewards that he deserves. We've been allowed time to think and space to explore or own creativity and without constrains and in that respect life as a designer doesn't get much better than that.