New-build shell – Bowdon, Manchester

Description of the project This is an imposing 8,000ft2 property in a highly regarded town setting within Bowdon, Greater Manchester. However the client recognised that this was effectively a new-build empty shell currently lacked interest, life and soul and desperately required an interior designer's touch.   Design brief To design rooms that function successfully for a young family with a modern lifestyle. To inject colour subtly into the spaces and to create areas such as the media room that would be equally comfortable for children as they would be for adults.   Favourite/Key aspects of the project The client embraced quality of materials from day one and it was wonderful to work with the finest silk carpets and products such as the Manooi chandelier that has such incredible impact in the drawing room. Cabinets were designed and lavished with exotic veneers, glass and leathers to house a variety of form and function.   The best part of it all for us is that it works as a family home and the kids absolutely love it!   Why does the design work so well It works because even though there are subtle changes in accent colour between rooms there is a definite coherency and a flow to the whole house. Each room has a set of design standards and in no areas was the quality compromised. This is a house that will grow with personal touches and be enjoyed for years to come. We believe it will continue to look fresh beyond trends because of the neutral colour schemes chosen.   Final thoughts/any other information The Design Practice at UBER is now embarking on a second phase to undertake a true entertaining space in the basement of this property encompassing an onyx bar, walk in wine cellar, cinema and gym to finish off what is an amazing lifestyle property.