6,000ft sq underground leisure suite – Cheshire

[Update: After our design completion the owner decided to lease out the property and was once the rented home of former Manchester City footballer Samir Nasri as reported in The Daily Mail, The Sun and Manchester Evening News.] This was an ambitious project to bring a collection of 200 year-old Cheshire farm buildings together as well as create an underground leisure suite spanning 6,000q ft alone. This was a dream brief from a fun-loving young couple who came to us with the vision to create a modern lifestyle for their family with three children who set their heart on this idyllic country setting but aspired to overhaul these disparate buildings into a cohesive and up-to-dateglamorous interior space. In contrast to the traditional outside setting of the characterful Cheshire brick contemporary farmhouse, they required a space where they could relax and party uninhibited with all features and surroundings to surpass the best hotels. The property is a collection of barns and farmhouse which required complete renovation and linking via an oak and glass extension (the new dinging room), whilst retaining all of the historic charms of the original features. Our team took hold of the incredible views that surround the property and designed a house which not only sits beautifully in its plot but also frames the views at every opportunity. Yet from the surface, disguises well the purpose built 6,000ft2 leisure facility and relaxation areas built underneath an existing barn and lawns. Whilst the above ground has a contemporary, relaxed and accessible feel to the rooms which include a bespoke kitchen which won the International Architecture and Design Awards along with features like the double height master ensuite with double sided fire through to the bedroom above which holds the lady of the houses dressing room. However, the show stopping feature is without doubt the change of pace and mood awaiting you when you drop down underground which takes your breath away. The idea was that the family wanted a completely indulgent and hedonistic escape which "would give the in-laws a heart attack"! Once entrance is gained via biometric security, you breeze passed the chrome and onyx wine cabinetry with the themed black glass and observe that at this 'junction' of the circular home cinema room punctuated by brushed chrome bullet nose pillars. From this focal point you can observe: the pool to the left through heavy set glass doors with oversized chrome capped handles. A few steps up to the right the boat-like bar complete with dance floor and DJ booth. And in the distance natural light is flooding in to this deliberately moody atmosphere as one complete side has floor-to-ceiling windows and doors viewing out to the sunken garden and water feature - a real surprise considering it is not at all visible from the surface looking away from the house. All the facilities you could require are here: a decent sized and decandent pool, jacuzzi (with chandelier), sauna, steam room, gym, fitness area and of course lavish and spa-like male and female changing areas.