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With an exceptionally narrow plot of just 15metres in width, the challenge of creating a super home was embraced by the creative think tank that is The Design Practice by Uber, hand in hand with the architect and a very creative minded client who dared to do what others would have dismissed.

The net result is something quite staggering and clearly unique.

Gaining planning on a narrow plot of greenbelt land in the heart of Cheshire’s Alderley Edge’s conservation area was not for the faint hearted but the reward would be the most spectacular views as far as the Welsh hills in an area of outstanding natural beauty.

The key to the approval was in creating the most limited of visual impact to the street scene. Something that was achieved quite incredibly with a simple glass box being the only above ground structure and the levels of accommodation following the natural contour of the landscaping almost like a superyacht sat in port.

The interior has been designed to make the most of light and to use specialist materials including back lit precious stones to create an incredibly glamorous and very bespoke lifestyle.

With the most creative of thinking underway the project relied on UBER’s hand picked contractors whom we know and trust to help detail and execute our designs to perfection.

The Design Proposal

With the most creative of thinking underway the project relied on UBER’s hand picked contractors whom we know and trust to help detail and execute our designs to perfection.

Design Practice

There are always questions of function with any home and a balance of form and function to be achieved. Designing cloaks cabinetry into the glass structure at ground level was one of the simpler challenges but a necessary component to ‘real life’ living. Positioning an eliptical staircase to land and work successfully with each of the spaces on the 4 storeys was critical. UBER rose to the challenge and delivered in abundance with a back lit wall detailing that surrounded the staircase and cascaded light through the entire journey of the stairs.

Design Practice

The style of the property was revealed as a first impression with cascading light droplets from the ground level providing a sense of what lies beneath, then matched with equal sensory indulgence as you arrive in the kitchen and day living space.

The kitchen was designed as an entirely bespoke, one off example of simplicity, allowing beautiful materials including liquid bronze and book matched marbles to do their own talking and demonstrated how to combine style rules and commonality amongst materials that would create a flow through the property as we used the same materials in different ways elsewhere.

The double sided onyx fireplace to the day living space takes centre stage whilst allowing the client to then embrace the views beyond via the wall to wall glazing and extensive outdoor terrace.

The terrace itself played an important role with its glazed floor in creating a light source for the lower bedroom level where a stunning internal courtyard is featured, creatively designed with its own water wall and accessed from two indulgent guest suites.

Design Practice

The corridor to the bedrooms, which due to its long and narrow nature was always going to be a challenge to dress became a real focal point as we developed our design solutions. This corridor was detailed with a series of floor border details to break up its length, matched by ceiling rafts clad in mirror supporting intricate pendant lights to offer an illusion of height and light. It also created an interesting gallery opportunity and a path of immense interest equally broken by views into the internal courtyard.

It wasn’t until the leisure floor hit our drawing board that we realized the biggest challenge was yet to come...

[4 & 5. side by side original architecture plans versus the enhanced basement pool bar/changing room area]
Design Practice

With all entertaining and leisure spaces there are zones that perform in different ways and critically at different temperatures. There is a highly structured journey through this type of space that needs to be considered and respected.

Our problem was that ideally as you enter the leisure floor you needed to be in the ambient temperature of the bar area, drawn by the visually impact of a bar overlooking the glamour of the pool water. However, it’s equally important that as you journey into the swimming pool and gym space you are not walking through a very warm and humid environment before reaching the changing rooms.

The fantastic floor to ceiling heights created an opportunity to do something quite special. By raising the platform of the bar, via some curved back lit amethyst steps, we were able to cantilever the bar area and take it close to the pool water thus providing an amazing back drop to the bar seating. We then enhanced the designs even further by creating a cascading infinity edge to the pool close to the bar.

This then allowed us to design in the changing rooms beneath the bar so that on entering the space the first thing the client does is get changed in a spa like facility from where he then enters the pool.

Overview and reasoning behind design

Creative thinking and the use of cutting edge materials, inspired by luxury hotels around the world have brought to life a property which otherwise might have been considered restrictive by virtue of its size and shape and not least because of its subterranean nature.

Further Key Features

  • The four story elliptical staircase encased in back lit stones to draw light through the building
  • To ensure every square inch of the property was seen as a design opportunity and a place to enthuse the visitor
  • Bespoke kitchen, followed through in details throughout the property
  • The incredible bar and leisure facilities with its cantilevered glass box overlooking the cascading pool water and sat comfortably above a spa like changing room.
  • Textures and material choices throughout, inspired by high end luxury hotels and innovations in design